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Watch a coupla minutes of Maltese Falcon, have a Gin Rickey, then  jump in your crate and make a beeline to hear ACME Swing Mfg Co! Back by popular demand, ACME Swing Mfg Co is thrilled to once again perform at 2017 First Night Harrisonburg. Come swing, hop, waltz, scream, shout, wear your best, wear your jeans, your saddle shoes or your high heels. And how! And if you don't dance, come on and watch them that does. Find out more » 


You do want to dance, don’t you? Sax, clarinet, vocals, guitar, thumpin’ bass, drums and how! The occasional shriek and hysterical scream, from stage or audience, doesn’t matter, it happens. You move, we groove, it’s what you call symbiotic.

Don’t feel like dancin’? Come hear us at a ritzy, sit-down venue. Gaze into your sweetie’s peepers while we provide the soundtrack. Ballads, blues, love songs, we’re all about close listening and have been known to make food taste better, folks act friendlier, and life get swell.

Stay tuned to this website as we update it to reflect our spiffiness.



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