ACME Announcements

Hey Pals,

   ACME Swing Mfg Co will be joined by the Marvelous Mighty Murphy Sisters at Fridays After Five at The Charlottesville Pavilion on August 26 from 6:30 to 8:30.  You'll think you've been transported to either 1943 or heaven when you hear those sweet harmonies.  An extra bonus - the lovely and talented Dhara Goradia, will be joining us on upright bass.  So almost as many women (4) as men (5) on stage, solely for your pleasure.

See you there! 


You do want to dance, don’t you? Sax, clarinet, vocals, guitar, thumpin’ bass, drums and how! The occasional shriek and hysterical scream, from stage or audience, doesn’t matter, it happens. You move, we groove, it’s what you call symbiotic.

Don’t feel like dancin’? Come hear us at a ritzy, sit-down venue. Gaze into your sweetie’s peepers while we provide the soundtrack. Ballads, blues, love songs, we’re all about close listening and have been known to make food taste better, folks act friendlier, and life get swell.

Stay tuned to this website as we update it to reflect our spiffiness.



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